Venues in Haringey

Please take a look at our range of venues in Haringey and then use our Ceremony Request E-Form to request a ceremony date

Ceremony Request E-FormTo request a Marriage or Civil Partnership Ceremony

Approved premises licensed for marriage and civil partnerships

Haringey venues include the historic settings of Bruce Castle and Alexandra Palace, with its spectacular views across London and beyond. There are smaller venues such as Fatisa and The Victoria Stakes. Please select the venue of your choice from the options below. Please contact us so that we can finalise the arrangements with you.

The Earlham Suite at George Meehan House

George Meehan HouseGeorge Meehan House is the location of Haringey Register Office and includes our ceremony suite called The Earlham Suite. The house has been fully restored and is only moments from the border with Enfield and less than 15 minutes from Wood Green Underground Station.

We are set in parkland and the house offers a tranquil environment with fantastic opportunities for photographs.

We have two main rooms called The Earlham and Woodside Rooms, a fixed fee covers the cost of the room and the ceremony. We look forward to welcoming you to larger ceremonies from 19 July 2021.

Woodside Room

flowers in the Woodside Room at George Meehan House (The Earlham Suite)

From 19 July 2021, the Woodside Room will seat a maximum of 79 people including the couple.

At 79 people you will not be able to social distance and we suggest couples aim for up to 60 people to attend if some of your guests wish to distance, 47 people to socially distance at one metre+ and 32 people at 2 metres.

Discuss with all of those attending their social distancing preferences and set your upper guest limit accordingly.

The Woodside Room at George Meehan House (The Earlham Suite)Woodside Room at George Meehan House (The Earlham Suite)

Earlham Room

Image of the Earlham Room

From 19 July 2021, the Earlham Room will seat up to 20 people including the couple.

If guests wish to socially distance the maximum number including the couple is 14.

In addition to the maximum number of guests you may have up to two additional photographers or videographers to capture your ceremony.

Note for iPhone users and Youtube. There is a known bug with iOS and Youtube, Two buttons are read before the player but provide no functionality. We advise that you skip these to access the content.

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Alexandra Palace - including the restored theatre

Alexandra Palace   Londesborough Room Alexandra Palace    The West Hall Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace, set at one of the highest points in London, offers a range of rooms including the elegant Londesborough Room, the Palm Court, BBC Tower, ice rink, lake and the Great Hall. The extensive grounds covering 196 acres offer great opportunities for photographs, with panoramic views over London and beyond. The theatre is now licensed for large and small weddings.

Contact: Account managers
Tel: 020 8365 2121
Fax: 020 8883 3999
Web: Alexandra Palace website (external link)

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Bruce Castle Museum

Bruce Castle Museum    Bruce Castle

Contact: Administrator
Tel: 020 8489 4250
Fax: 020 8808 4118
Web: Bruce Castle Weddings

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The Decorium

The Decorium Outside    Decorium Inside   Decorium Inside

Contact: Sarita Obhan
Tel: 020 8888 4770
Web: Decorium website (external link)

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Fatisa Cafe Pizzeria

Fatisa Cafe Pizzeria    Fatisa restaurant   Fatisa Wedding

Contact: Nihat Yilmaz
Tel: 020 8888 9008
Web: Fatisa website (external link)

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The Grand Palace Banqueting suite

Grand Palace   The Grand Palace   The Grand Palace

Contact: Mr Celal Jelal and Zeynep Jelal
Tel: 020 8889 6249

Web: Grand Palace website (external link)
Address: 242 High Road, Wood Green, N22 8JX

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Green Rooms

Green Rooms is London's arts hotel, a social enterprise that offers affordable accommodation in a beautiful setting that inspires creativity.

Green Rooms Wedding Cake   Wedding reception at Green Rooms   Wedding at Green Rooms

Contact: Arshad Rahman
Address: 13-27 Station Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UW
Web: Green Rooms London Website (external link)

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Highgate School

Important: Highgate School is spread over two sites, so this venue has two licences. You must give Notice for the correct venue.

Highgate Undercroft    Highgate School Courtyard    Highgate School Wedding Reception

Highgate School

The two licences are for the Senior School and The Mills Centre and Dining Hall. Please look at the table below to find out the name of the venue you need to give when giving Notice of Marriage or Notice of Civil Partnership.

Senior SchoolThe Mills Centre and Dining Hall
Sir Martin Gilbert LibraryAV Room
Central HallConservatory
Entrance LodgeDining Hall

Contact: Jennifer Gough
Tel: 020 8347 4403, 020 8347 4422 or 020 8347 3586
Address: North Road, Highgate, London, N6 4AY
Web: Highgate School website (external link)

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La Royale Banqueting Suites

Contact: Mr Bharat Patel
Tel: 020 8880 3050
Fax: 020 8885 3623
Web: La Royale Banqueting Suites website (external link)

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Lordship Hub

Contact: Glynis Kirkwood-Warren
Tel: 020 8885 5684
Web: Lordship Hub website (external link)

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Regency Banqueting Suite

  • Approved for COVID-19 secure ceremonies by Haringey Register Office

Regency Banqueting Suite guide (PDF, 1MB)
Contact: Taskin Mustafa
Tel: 020 8885 2490
Fax: 020 8885 1739

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The Victoria Stakes

A traditional pub with a covered courtyard in a beautiful building with Victorian features

Contact: Ben Abrahams
Tel: 020 8815 1793
Address: 1 Muswell Hill London N10 3TH

Web Victoria Stakes website (external link)

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Once you have made your venue booking

Once you have chosen your venue use our ceremony request e-form to request our attendance at your ceremony.

A booking for George Meehan House (The Earlham Suite) books both the room and the registrar but at other venues you will need to book both the registrars using the form below and the venue by contacting them direct.

Ceremony Request E-FormTo request a Marriage or Civil Partnership Ceremony

 You also need to give notice of marriage or civil partnership to the Register Office in the area where you live.

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Current fees for our attendance at approved premises

Please see our Register Office Fees page for all of our current prices.

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COVID-secure commitment from our venues

We are asking all of our venues to make a commitment to providing a COVID-secure environment for ceremonies. We will not attend any venue where we are not satisfied COVID-secure plans specific to ceremonies are in place. All bookings are subject to availability – avoid paying any money you may not be able to recover until we confirm that we can attend in principle. Any agreement to attend may be withdrawn at any time. Everyone attending a ceremony at any venue is actively encouraged to continue wearing face coverings and to take free lateral flow tests.

Do not give Notice of Marriage / Civil Partnership for any Haringey venue other than The Earlham Suite without getting our agreement in principle to attend first – please email to request this or use our Ceremony Request E-form if you are ready to book a ceremony. Note that demand can be very high and your first choice of date and time may not be available.


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January 13, 2022