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Missing and incorrect addresses

Report an address

The addresses we use as a council are drawn from the Local Land and Property Gazetteer.  An address in the gazetteer is the official address for a property - this may be different to what is commonly used.

Woodside students work their magic for LGBT History Month

Award-winning youngsters from Woodside High School are leading the way on equality in Haringey.

Haringey Police: Tackling LGBT+ hate crime

Metropolitan PoliceThis LGBT History month we’re talking to some of the brilliant people from the community who are making a positive difference in our borough. There are some amazing people in Haringey and its diversity and inclusivity is something to be celebrated.

Spurs fans fly the flag for equality

Football fans across the world have spotted the Proud Lilywhites’ flag waving at Tottenham Hotspur matches. Set up three years ago, they were one of the first LGBT+ football supporters’ groups in the UK and now they are leading the way for others.

Chris Paouros is co-chair of the Proud Lilywhites, and one of the founding members. She says:

From charity work to unicorn horns

She’s a lifelong Tottenham resident who’s been hailed a hero for her incredible charity work. And Karen Neill’s LGBT+ fundraising is really turning heads – mainly because it involves a giant, bright unicorn horn, a classic car, rainbow colours and almost 3,000 dazzling gems.

LGBT History Month 2018

Our borough has a long, proud history on LGBT+ rights, and as a council we’re currently putting together proposals to further Haringey’s commitment to being an LGBT+ inclusive borough.

Help using My Haringey

Finding your property

We recommend you type in the full postcode of the property and then pick your address from the list of matching addresses. Alternatively, you can enter your street name, but you’ll need to type in the whole word. 

For example, if you want to find an address in Lordship Lane, typing in ‘Lord’ won’t return the right results. Instead you’ll need to type in ‘Lordship’.

If your address isn’t in the drop-down list of matching addresses look out for a ‘show more results’ link and click on that.


Shining the spotlight on what it means to be a part of London’s greatest borough 

From micro-breweries, creative industries and cutting-edge culture, to award-winning parks, Premier League football and schools that are top of class – we know that Haringey is home to the best the capital has to offer. 

I Am Haringey celebrates what it means to belong to Haringey – ambitious; innovative; diverse; unified, and authentic.