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Downstairs at the King's Head

2 Crouch End Hill
Crouch End
N8 8AA
Tel 020 8340 1028
Downstairs at the Kings Head (external link)

Earl Haig Hall

Elder Avenue
Crouch End
N8 9TH
Tel 020 8347 0545
Earl Haig Hall (external link)

History of Haringey

Traces of prehistoric human and animal life have been found, especially along the River Lee. Roman remains have also been found locally. There is also evidence that these areas were settled in Anglo-Saxon times.

In ancient times, what we now know as "Haringey" was made up of two large manors, Hornsey and Tottenham. These became parishes with firm boundaries in 1300. In the Middle Ages, Tottenham's population consisted of 59 serfs, four slaves, two freemen and a priest. Wood Green, originally part of Tottenham Parish, became a separate district in 1888.

Our vision, approach and priorities

Our vision:

To work with communities to make Haringey an even better place to live

Our approach:

To encourage investment and create opportunities for all to share in

Our priorities: