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Map of public toilets in Haringey

The map below shows the location of all public toilets in Haringey. Click and drag the map or use the zoom in and out controls to move around the map. You can also use the search box to find a specific address in Haringey.

Click on the 'WC' icon to get more details including opening hours.


Access to Haringey Schools HR Services

If you have signed up to receive HR support from Haringey Council you can log into our HR resources page here.

  • Find out more about Haringey Schools HR services and what we offer [add link] 
  • Lost your user details and / or password? Please contact xxxx

Login here: 

Public Notices - September 2018

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Haringey and Brexit

42,000 people in Haringey are from other EU countries (almost 1 in every 6 Haringey residents). Friends, neighbours, family and colleagues, these people make an enormous contribution to the cultural and economic life of our borough. 

A-Z of Black History Month Events 2018

Below is a list of all events still due to take place over Black History Month in October 2018.

You can also view these events by date.


Public Notices - August 2018

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