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Neighbourhoods Connect

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About Neighbourhoods Connect

Neighbourhoods Connect is a Borough wide project with the ambition of making things happen in the real world. We, with our partners, aim to ensure all residents are able to live more independent lives in the community by:

  • helping those who have no previous experience to learn how to use Computers, the Internet and Social Media at our regular drop-ins
  • helping you to Connect: we aim to engage with those who may be lonely or isolated and help them to re-join their local community
  • putting them in touch with support if they need it, and with others in their community who might be able to help or just to talk to
  • working with residents to look out for their less able neighbours so that they are better able to look after themselves
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How do I get involved?

If you are a Haringey resident and interested, as a neighbour or volunteer, in helping your neighbourhoods connect, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us using the feedback box below (leaving your contact details). You can also follow us on Twitter @haringeync

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Neighbourhoods Connect has been developed with our partners at Age UK (external link) and Living Under One Sun (external link).

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We have also worked closely with local community websites:

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25 November 2014

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