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Immunisations and Vaccinations

Immunisation is a way of protecting ourselves against serious disease. Once you have been immunised your body should be able to fight those diseases against which you have been vaccinated. The immunisation frequently asked questions page gives further general information.

Many vaccines are given during childhood. A full list of childhood immunisations and advice on where to get information on the diseases they protect against is included in the childhood immunisations page. A list of recommended vaccines is included, as well as being available on the NHS choices website (see external links section below).

This website also contains specific information on the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine and the new Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for girls.

Seasonal flu and pneumococcal vaccinations are recommended for all those over the age of 65 and for people at greater risk of serious illness from influenza or pneumococcal disease due to other underlying long term medical conditions. Further details are available on the flu and pneumococcal vaccinations page and in the external links section below.

For information on vaccinations recommended when travelling please visit the National Health Travel Network and Centre website (see external links section below).

Further advice

Please ask your GP, health visitor or practice nurse or email the Haringey Immunisation Advice Service at

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3 March 2015

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