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Breaking news : Superman Pills

Superman PillsEcstasy pills emblazened or shaped with the 'Superman' logo are currently in circulation across Europe and have been linked to four deaths in Ipswich, Rendlesham and Telford over the Christmas and New Year period. While some 'Superman' pills sold as ecstasy may be derived from the chemical compund of MDMA (also known as Ecstasy), there are large quantities of pills being sold containing the unstable and more dangerous chimical, PMMA. Although the pills have similar effects on users, PMMA takes longer to take effect and can kill at lower doses than MDMA.

If you are going to take Ecstasy pills it is essential you read the following information released from Public Health England: Superman Pills - Public Health England User Guidance (DOC, 56KB)

Drugs - the key facts

Physical and mental health harms from drug misuse vary depending on the types of drugs used, the frequency of use and the setting in which they are taken. The majority of people who seek drug treatment in Haringey are using drugs such as crack cocaine or heroin. However, combined use of different drugs is common. Cannabis and cocaine, alongside alcohol use is also common.

Drug misuse not only impacts on an individual’s health and well-being, but often their family, friends and communities are affected. Those most vulnerable to problematic drug use, especially crack cocaine and heroin use, are more likely to live in deprived areas, be out of work, suffer from mental ill health or live in poor housing.

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What are we doing about drug misuse?

We are committed to reducing the harm caused by drugs and believe everyone has potential to achieve full recovery.

Haringey residents can access a full range of services: from advice and information through to structured drug treatment programmes. Support is also available to families and carers affected by drug misuse and to the children of those with drug problems. There are specific programmes commissioned to reduce drug related crime and specific education, employment and training services along with access to supported housing.

We work closely with different agencies to tackle harms from drug and alcohol use including the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), London Probation, Job Centre Plus, local GPs, Public Health England (PHE), St Mungo's and many other statutory and voluntary organisations.

Time Credits

Haringey drug service users are now able to offer up their time volunteering - enabling them to earn and spend 'Time Credits'. We have developed, in partnership with St Mungo's Broadway, Time Credits that can be spent locally on things like coffee mornings, theatre outings and leisure activities. Time Credits support people to build up their recovery capital by meeting new people, developing new interests and becoming more active and confident in our local community.

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A range of free and confidential support and treatment services are available to Haringey residents. Support is also available for those who are affected by a friend’s, partner’s, or family member’s drug use. Please note that these details are accurate as from 1st of January 2014. There has been changes to services following a re-tender and consultation with service users during 2012-13.


Open access services for adultsContact details
BUBIC (external link) is a local community drug and alcohol service set up by ex-drug users. They run support groups, a café, one to one advice, support to carers and other activities across Haringey to help people overcome problematic drug use, especially crack use9 Bruce Grove
N17 6RA
Tel: 020 8808 6550

Haringey Alcohol Service offers:

  • Assessment, keywork, recovery planning, mutual aid and peer support
  • Brief treatment in GP clinics
  • Counselling and other “talking therapies”
  • Groupwork
  • Supported detoxification treatments (community and residential)
171 Park Lane
Rothbury Walk
N17 0HJ
Tel: 020 8800 6999

The Grove Drug Service offers:

  • Assessment, keywork, recovery planning, mutual aid and peer support
  • Counselling and other “talking therapies”
  • Groupwork
  • Criminal justice interventions
  • Substitute Prescribing
  • Assessment for detoxification and rehabilitation treatment

9 Bruce Grove
N17 6RA
Tel: 0208 885 6195/0208 365 9032

Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust website (external link)

Haringey Recovery Service offers:

  • Assessment, keywork, recovery planning, mutual aid and peer support
  • Counselling and other “talking therapies”
  • Groupwork
  • Families, friends and carers inclusion
  • Abstinence-based day programme
  • Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) programme
  • A Recovery Academy with courses designed and delivered by people in recovery with a range of courses covering creativity, health and well-being
590 Seven Sisters Road
N15 6HR
Tel: 020 8801 3999
SHOC (external link) is a service for female sex workers and offers support for drug and alcohol issues.16-20 Upper Tollington Park
N4 3EL
Tel: 020 7281 9988

Haringey Time Credits

  • Supporting the successful completion of drug recovery services
  • Engaging drug service users in activities within their services and the wider local community
  • Allows individuals who give up their time to volunteer within local services and organisation to earn 'Time Credits', which can be 'spent' on local events, training and leisure activities, ranging from theatre outings and coffee mornings to visits to the Tower of London

Owain Williams - Haringey Time Credits Facilitator
Tel: 07476 634966

Download the Haringey Time Credits: Further information document (PDF, 355KB)


Services for children and young peopleContact details
Insight Profile (external link) provides support for young people aged 13-21 with drug or alcohol issues.40 Bromley Road
N17 0AW
Tel: 020 8493 8525
Services for friends, partners and familyContact details
Chrysalis is a support group for family and friends of drug and alcohol users. See the latest Chrysalis Newsletter - Summer 2013 (PDF, 141KB).Tel: 020 8808 6550
Family Inclusion Worker: offers advice and support for family and friends, one-to-one appointments and group sessions.590 Seven Sisters Road
N15 6HR
Tel: 020 8801 3999

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'Be the change you want to see' – Haringey celebrates recovery

Haringey’s Recovery Pride event held at the end of March was an exciting programme of events designed to motivate those struggling with drug and alcohol problems, celebrate the success of those in recovery, and tackle stigma in the wider community. Local service-users, staff in the drug and alcohol action team (Public Health) have worked together to develop a logo and strapline - be the change you want to see - which represents what recovery means to those trying to overcome addiction issues; a Recovery Pride Charter outlining four key recovery pledges made by local services; and a book of recovery stories and artwork produced by local service-users. This is the first in London and demonstrates Haringey’s commitment to tackle these issues head on.

“The journey that I’m taking now feels positive, but tough
Depression, feelings left untouched, can leave you feeling rough
…It was no fun to be a mess, and all the stress that brings
But when I walk, I’ll walk from here with a whole new set of strings…
I’ve gone from feeling that in life I really just can’t cope
To knowing that above all things, in life there’s always hope.”

Rhyme for recovery

You can find more inspiring personal stories in the recovery pride: stories from Haringey (PDF, 2MB) produced as part of the Recovery Pride. Haringey drug and alcohol services have also pledged their commitment to recovery with a Recovery Charter (external link).

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Further information

Information about drugs and effects can be found at:

The Joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) provides more information about substance misuse in Haringey in the following sections:

For information about alcohol services in Haringey go to Alcohol Support

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13 July 2015

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