List of Traffic Management Orders

Proposed/Made/Experimental Traffic Management Orders for road, traffic or parking schemes

Listed below are schemes with links to files containing details of proposed, made and experimental Traffic Management Orders (TMOs), related plans and documents.

See Traffic Management Orders for previous years on the left.

Making objections

Anyone may object to a proposed TMO being approved by the council and subsequently enforced on street.

The period during which objections may be received for any TMO of the below schemes is usually 21 days from the date given and details of how to object can be found in the notice found in each download pack. Alternatively, objections can be emailed to

Details of proposed road humps and pedestrian crossings can also be found on this page.

Some files below are zipped to make them quicker to download. If you have any difficulty opening them please email

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Proposed Traffic Management Orders

Date advertisedScheme
20 April 2018 TMO07 - Various Roads - Temporary Measures (ZIP, 101KB)
13 April 2018 Play Streets - various Roads (ZIP 157KB)
13 April 2018 TMO01 - Various Roads - Temporary Measures (ZIP 99KB)
6 April 2018 TMO174 - Gladesmore Road - Parking Suspensions (ZIP 96KB)
23 March 2018 T30 - Sheldon Avenue - Parking Place Amendments (ZIP 18KB)
23 March 2018 T32 - Dorset Road - Pedal Cycle Contraflow (ZIP 706KB)
23 March 2018 T33 - Tottenham Lane - Various Measures (ZIP 160KB)
16 March 2018 TMO158 - Various Roads, Temporary Measures (ZIP, 79KB)
16 March 2018 TMO159 - Various Roads, Scheme Improvement Measures (ZIP, 83KB)
9 March 2018 T20 - Canning Crescent, Parking Amendments (ZIP, 189KB)
9 March 2018 T29 - Markfield Road, Parking Amendments (ZIP, 774KB)
9 March 2018 TMO145 - White Hart Lane, Temporary Measures (ZIP, 83KB)
2 March 2018 T26-Green Lanes - Various Measures (ZIP 625KB)
2 March 2018 T27- Philip Lane - Various Measures (ZIP 173KB)
2 March 2018 T28- Walpole Road - Permit Specific Disabled Bay (ZIP 41KB)
2 March 2018 TM0156 - Various Roads - Temporary Measures (ZIP 73KB)
23 February 2018 T10 Scotland Green - Parking Amendments (ZIP, 768KB)
23 February 2018 T14 Electric Vehicles Parking Places (ZIP, 2MB)
23 February 2018 T23 Granville Road - Speed Humps (ZIP, 426KB)
23 February 2018 T25 Various Roads - Parking Amendments (ZIP, 241KB)
23 February 2018 T146 Various Roads - Temporary Measures (ZIP, 76KB)
16 February 2018 Woodberry Crescent - Parking Controls (ZIP, 500KB)
16 February 2018 Antill Road and Tynemouth Road - Various Measures (ZIP. 688KB)
16 February 2018 Eastern Road and Herbert Road - Temporary Measures (ZIP, 72KB)
9 February 2018 South Grove - banned turn proposed (ZIP 39KB)
9 February 2018 Various roads - proposed parking amendments (ZIP 472KB)
9 February 2018 White Hart Lane - proposed parking amendments (ZIP 427KB)
9 February 2018 New Road - proposed banned entry (ZIP 561KB)
2 February 2018 Proposed Parking Charges (ZIP. 66KB)
19 January 2018 Scotland Green - Parking Amendments (ZIP 726KB)
12 January 2018 T92 Church Vale - Waiting Restrictions (ZIP. 59KB)
12 January 2018 TMO119 Various Roads - Temporary Measures (ZIP. 98KB)
5 January 2018 Farrer Road - Waiting Restrictions (ZIP 52KB)

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Made Traffic Management Orders

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Experimental Traffic Management Orders

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20 April 2018

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