Our priorities

In 2015 we set out a 3-year-plan for improving Haringey. These are our priorities and what has been delivered.


Give every child the best start in life

Our schools are amongst the most improved in the country since 2010- with record GCSE and ‘A’ level results this year.

Enable adults to live healthy, long and fulfilling lives

The people receiving care in Haringey are amongst the most satisfied in London, with nearly nine out of 10 people happy with the support that they receive.

Cleaner and safer neighbourhoods

We have more award winning parks and open spaces than any other comparable borough.

Drive growth and investment which everyone can benefit from

We’re bringing in £1bn of new investment to the borough, from the restoration of Alexandra Palace through to the opening of the National College of Digital Skills in Tottenham

Create homes and communities where people choose to live

Across Tottenham and Wood Green we’re planning for 16,000 new homes to be built. Since April 2015 £45 million has been spent improving our existing housing stock with £20 million spent on wider improvements such as replacing lifts.

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30 June 2017

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