Fined for contraband tobacco and champagne

Publication date: Thursday 21 February 2013

A blitz on illicit sales of tobacco and counterfeit goods has seen two Haringey shopkeepers prosecuted.

In one case, on 1 February, a Haringey shopkeeper Klaudia Kurek of Bartek Polish Shop, High Road, Tottenham, was fined £1,000 plus £1,200 costs, for selling cigarettes with inadequate health warnings.

On 23 January in another case Zeynel Binboga and Murat Yildiz, co-directors of Can Foods which owns Turnpike Lane Foodstore, were fined £785 after illicit tobacco products were found in a hidden compartment at the Foodstore where fake Champagne and illegal cigarettes were also being stocked.

The goods were discovered after a tip-off to Haringey Trading Standards' Officers, who visited the Foodstore with HMRC officers, and found fake Bollinger Champagne and tobacco and cigarettes that did not carry the required health warnings.

Can Foods was also ordered to pay £785 to cover Haringey Council's costs.

Councillor Nilgun Canver, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:

"Selling counterfeit Champagne can lead to disappointment when the product does not live up to expectations, as well as giving unscrupulous traders an unfair trading advantage.

"Counterfeit or illicit tobacco is cheaper and encourages more people to take up smoking. These products have not been checked for quality control so you can never be sure about what you are getting."

Haringey Trading Standards will continue to make visits to retailers to ensure that the goods sold are legal, genuine and safe.

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