Crime and Anti-Social behaviour: Give your views

Publication date: Monday 18 February 2013

Haringey council is asking local residents to give feedback on local crime and anti-social behaviour in a new community safety survey, which can be completed online.

The survey will run until 8 March and is aimed at capturing people's views on types of crime and antisocial behaviour issues affecting their neighbourhood.

These views will be fed into the council’s next four year community safety plan which will be published in June.

In a short series of questions the survey will identify which types of crime and antisocial behaviour affect different neighbourhoods in Haringey and will also gauge residents views on which of these is most problematic in their local area.

The survey also asks respondents what they think cause crime and anti-social behaviour locally.

Cllr Richard Watson, Cabinet Member for Communities said:

"This survey is vitally important to us making the most robust, relevant and effective plans for community safety across the borough.

"We have already done extensive scoping on the impact of crime and anti social behaviour on our residents but I firmly believe there should be no stone unturned on this important issue.

"Hearing from the grass roots of our community means we can plug any gaps in our knowledge and understanding of how widespread issues are and how they affect people."

Using the data from this survey, the council and other community safety partners will create a four year community safety strategy for 2013-2017, to run along side the Mayor of London Policing and Crime plan for the same period. From April residents will be invited to take part in a full consultation about the proposed action plans contained in this strategy before it is published.

Residents can also feed into the mayor’s plans by attending a consultation meeting at the Civic Centre in Wood Green on Monday 25 February from 8pm.

Cllr Watson concluded:

"We urge residents to take part in this survey and in MOPAC’s consultation and to spread the message to friends, family and neighbours. Completing the survey takes less than five minutes and we will keep in touch with those that take part as our community safety plans develop."

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