The European Blue Badge Parking Scheme

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What is the Blue Badge Scheme?

The European Blue Badge Parking Scheme is a parking permit that gives parking concessions to people with sight impairments and people with severe walking difficulties. It is a national scheme that allows badge holders to park their car closer to their destination, for example when travelling to shops and stations.

All blue badges are valid for a period of three years. All renewals are treated the same as brand new applications.

Several changes were made to the Blue Badge scheme in 2012. Badges are no longer issued at Customer Service Centres. Badges are now sent by recorded delivery to the successful applicant's home address.

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Am I eligible?

Haringey Council issues Blue Badges in accordance with Department of Transport guidelines:

Automatic criteria

Applicants may automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if they can provide proof that they qualify under any of the following criteria:

  • Any applicant who is registered blind. An applicant needs to provide:
    • registration card/letter issued by the sensory impairment team or
    • a BD8 or CV1 certificate / registration card
  • Any applicant in receipt of a war pensioner's mobility supplement:
    • up to date evidence required
  • Any applicant in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) at the higher rate for mobility (help with getting around):
    • current letter of entitlement is required or
    • copy of a current Motability finance agreement
  • Applicants suffering from a severe upper limb disability who are unable to turn by hand the steering wheel of a vehicle even if that wheel is fitted with a turning knob
    • Applicants must state how the car has been adapted and produce evidence

All applicants who do not meet the automatic eligibility may be considered under the discretionary criteria.

Discretionary criteria

  • Applicants who have a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking.

The Department for Transport recommends that all applicants who fall under the discretionary criteria should be independently assessed by medical professionals. Therefore Haringey Council requires all applicants who fall under the discretionary criteria to attend a mobility assessment with the Integrated Community Therapy team at Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust. If you are invited to a mobility assessment, please bring along any medical documents you have relating to your disability.

Please note that we no longer request or accept medical report forms from your GP. All applications under discretionary criteria will require a mobility assessment.

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How to apply

You can apply for a Blue Badge online or by post:

Online applications

Go to the GOV.UK website (external link) to apply online. Please note that to apply online you will have to upload scans of a photograph, proof of address and other documents requested in the online form. If you are not able to upload scans, you can still apply online and send any documents by post to:

  • Concessionary Travel
    PO Box 55290
    N22 9GA

Postal applications

To apply by post, download and print the Blue Badge application form (PDF, 61KB). Please send postal applications to the address above. You can also hand application forms in at a Customer Service Centre.

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Proof of address

Applicants who meet the automatic or the discretionary eligibility criteria are also required to provide evidence of Haringey residence. This can be a photocopy of one of the following:

  • a current State Retirement Pension Book,
  • a current Council Tax bill / letter / payment book / benefits, or
  • a current Council / Housing Association rent book.

The following items if dated in the last 3 months are also acceptable:

  • Residential utility bill
  • Residential bank, building society statement
  • Inland Revenue letter,
  • Benefits Agency letter or
  • Residential credit card statement

Please also provide two passport size photographs (please clearly write name and date on the back of the photo).

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When to use your Blue Badge Clock

Blue Badge holders must display the Blue Badge Clock (sometimes referred to as the Timer) when parked on a single or double yellow lines. The Clock must be set with your time of arrival. You can park for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line, providing that no loading restrictions are in place.

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Using your blue badge in Europe

For details on using your Blue Badge abroad please visit the GOV.UK page: Find out where Blue Badge holders can park (external link)

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If you are unsuccessful in your application for a Blue Badge you have the right to appeal if you feel the decision does not reflect your current level of mobility. If you wish to appeal please provide us with a letter with further medical evidence indicating both the severity and permanent nature of your disability as well as the effect it has on your mobility. You may be required to demonstrate your condition at an appeals assessment with a qualified Occupational Therapist.

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Replacement of lost, stolen or faulty blue badges

If your Badge has been lost or stolen you will need to send a passport sized photograph to Concessionary Travel, PO Box 55290, N22 9GA. Please also enclose a cheque or postal order for £10 made payable to Haringey Council. In addition to this you must provide a police reference number for your lost or stolen Badge. You will receive your new Badge within 10 working days.

If your Badge is faded and needs to be replaced, please return the Badge to Concessionary Travel, PO Box 55290, N22 9GA. You will also need to provide a new passport sized photograph. You will receive your new Badge within 10 working days.

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Fraud Prevention

Haringey Council is under a duty to protect public funds. The information you provide in this form may be used for the prevention and detection of fraud. We may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for fraud prevention and detection purposes.

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Service Standards

Our service standards (PDF, 35KB) tell you what you can expect from us in dealing with your application for a Blue Badge.

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Contact us

Haringey Council
Parking Service
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Telephone: 020 8489 1865 or 020 8489 1878

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