Ancient Woodlands

Coldfall woodland

There are four ancient woodlands in Haringey:

All are managed by Haringey Council’s Parks Service with the exception of Highgate Wood managed by the Corporation of London (see external links section below).

Ancient Woodlands are of great historical and ecological interest, being the direct descendants of the original ‘wildwood’, which covered most of Britain until about five thousand years ago.

Since Roman times (and probably before) the woods were managed as an important economic resource. Oak trees provided timber for buildings and boat construction and hornbeam was particularly valued as a source of fuel, its dense wood burning at a higher temperature than any other native tree. Hornbeam was also used for producing charcoal and the hard wood was ideal for making axles of cartwheels and chopping boards.

Today, Haringey’s ancient woodlands are a vital resource for education and enjoyment for local residents, schools and community groups and are open all day, every day for people to drop in and enjoy!

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