Pest Control

The control of pests is an important part of creating a healthier place to live and work. Pests are insects and rodents that invade our homes and can pose a risk to health. Pest Control advises and provides chargeable services on an individual or block treatment basis depending on the severity of the infestation.

This service does not include foxes, please see the Dealing With Foxes section.

If you are living in rented accommodation and believe the issue of pests should be dealt with by your landlord, please contact them before arranging a treatment. If they are unwilling to address the problem you should contact our Health & Housing Response Team on 020 8489 1000 or email

For details on the type of treatments we are able to offer and costs please click on the pest below.

What do we do

  • Free insect identification
  • Free advice on household pests
  • Treatments for common household pests.
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Pest Control treatments

You can seek advice about common household pests via our online Pest Control Form. Please provide a contact telephone number when using this form online as we are unable to deal with your request without one.

If your request is urgent and you require a visit, then you are advised to contact our Call Centre on 020 8489 1000 so that an appointment date can be arranged whilst you are on the line.

Please Note:

  • If you wish to have an insect identified, please place the sample in a Sealed Container and post it to the address below. No Personal Callers to the address please.
  • ALL Pest Control treatments at Domestic and Commercial rate are based on a 3 bedroom house with an additional minimum charge of £51 per extra room
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Dealing With Foxes

Haringey does not provide a service for the treatment of foxes. You can find out more about foxes and how to deal with any problems on the Fox Project website (external link).

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Dealing with Pigeons

The Council does not provide treatment for pigeon proofing. If you are a Homes for Haringey tenant in a flat, please contact your Housing Manager for advice.

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Dealing with Seagulls

The Council does not provide treatment for seagull proofing. You may find further information in the Seagulls information leaflet (PDF, 163KB).

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False Widow Spiders

Following recent reports in the press about spiders biting this has caused widespread alarm about the spiders found in the UK in autumn, the vast majority of which are completely harmless.

The species associated with the bites, the noble false widow spider, has been living in the UK since the late nineteenth century (approximately 100 years), probably introduced here in ships cargo from the Canary Islands and Madeira - they may also be found in France and Spain.

We tend to spot more spiders in the autumn because this is when the larger species reach maximum size, so are most visible. The males of some species also begin to move around more in search of a female, so are more likely to be spotted.

The body length of an adult female false widow spider is around 15 millimetres, males are a little smaller. Maximum leg length of both sexes is about 25 millimetres.

The False Widow is not an aggressive species towards humans and is most likely to bite when accidentally prodded, squashed, or trapped in clothing.

False widow spiders, of which seven species have been recorded in the UK, are among only a dozen or so of the UK’s 650 species of spider that are capable of biting humans. But spider bites are extremely rare within the UK and there have been no recorded deaths.

Spiders are natural enemies of many unwanted insect visitors found in the home and garden. If you want to get rid of one from your house, it's best to catch it and then release it away from your home using a glass and a piece of paper or card.

Try to avoid touching them - as well as the small risk of a bite, spiders are easily damaged.

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We are here to help and advise so if you are unsure about a pest problem or wish to arrange a treatment, please contact us. Unfortunately, we are unable to arrange a course of treatment via email.

All information in regards to the treatment will be kept confidential.

  • Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Tel 020 8489 1000 (Pest Control - Customer Care Line)
  • Address:
    Pest Control Team
    Level 6 Alexandra House
    10 Station Road
    Wood Green
    N22 7TR
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