Duty Noise Response officers will be unavailable from Wednesday 24 December until Friday 26 December (8am-4pm) and Wednesday 31 December until Friday 2 January (8am-4pm). Our Out of Hours service on these days is not affected and will run as normal.

Noise Control

What is Noise Control?

We have duties and powers which allow us to deal with noise problems that affect residents or businesses in our area. We take noise problems seriously. Our Enforcement Response Team receives thousands of calls about noise nuisance each year. The service aims to deal with these noise problems quickly, efficiently and fairly.

It is not permissible to cause noise nuisance at any time.

How to report noise

If you'd like to report noise, but don't need an immediate response please use the online form:

Outside office hours, you will get a quicker response by phoning instead of using the online form. If the noise is happening now, please call us on the numbers below.

Contact telephone numbers to report a noise

Office Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm, Tel 020 8489 1000

Outside Office Hours

  • Weekdays, Monday - Friday: 5pm - 9am, Tel 020 8489 0000
  • Weekends, Friday 5pm to Monday 9am, Tel 020 8489 0000

We no longer offer a 24 hour response service,

If there is an officer on duty then we undertake to call you back within 30 minutes. During exceptionally busy times the response can be delayed. You will be advised when you call if there isn't an officer on duty to respond immediately to your call, but all calls will be logged.

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How we prioritise calls

It is not uncommon for duty officers to receive several calls together. Each call may result in the need for a visit leaving the officer with decisions to make on how to prioritise their time and resources. The types of complaint received on a shift have been ranked below in order of descending priority to assist the officer in making these decisions. When a visit is necessary, service requests can be ranked and visited in accordance with the priority.

Priority one

Noise nuisance affecting several complainants at unsocial hours eg car / intruder alarms, loud parties, items marked for priority on the Duty Officer’s Action list: Immediate follow up action to abate the nuisance, proportionate to the level of nuisance, including visits to the complainant and noise maker where appropriate, service of notice by hand, if necessary, work in default and/or seizure and having regard to health and safety considerations.

Priority two

Random and intermittent noise with a likely duration greater than 30 minutes with a subsequent visit to the noise maker where appropriate having regard to health and safety considerations. (These could be considered higher priority if there were several complainants or the complainant may be vulnerable).

Priority three

Noisy air conditioning, road works and noisy building works with subsequent visit to the noise maker/premises where appropriate subject to access availability and having regard to health and safety considerations.

(All cases can be considered Priority one if the case history indicates a notice has been served or there has been a previous prosecution for a similar offence or the Team Leader has requested urgent proactive visits be made.)

The types of complaint listed in priority four are considered to be more appropriately dealt with on a planned basis. Officers may not therefore be required to visit but should gather as much information as possible.

Priority four

Random and intermittent noise with likely duration less than 30 minutes which the officers are unlikely to be able to witness eg banging or slamming doors and routine sound insulation problems.

Abatement action process

  • When excessive noise is witnessed for the first time a Warning letter is issued.
  • If further excessive noise amounting to a nuisance is witnessed within 6 months of the warning a Noise Abatement Notice may be issued.
  • If noise nuisance continues within 12 months of issue of the Noise Abatement Notice, enforcement action and or seizure of equipment for failing to comply with the abatement notice may be taken.
  • Enforcement action may include a prosecution in the Magistrates Court, issuing a caution, issuing a fixed penalty notice or sending a further written warning.
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  • The Enforcement Response Service
    Level 6 Alexandra House
    10 Station Road
    Wood Green
    N22 7TR
  • Tel: 020 8489 1000 (Office Hours) - 020 8489 0000 (Out of Hours and Weekends)
  • Email: enforcement.response@haringey.gov.uk
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