Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day - 2015

The theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 is “Keeping the Memory Alive” and Haringey Council is choosing to commemorate the role that the Albanian nation played in saving the lives of so many during the Holocaust. Before World War II less than 200 Jews lived in Albania and by the end of the war about 2,000 Jews called Albania home.

Haringey Working Group

Sculpture by Claudia Holder and Paul Margetts in the Holocaust Memorial Garden, Bruce Castle, Tottenham.

Haringey Council commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day by working with local councillors, Holocaust survivors, community religious representatives and council officers who form the Holocaust Memorial Day Working Group.

Since it was formed the Working Group has developed in partnership with Haringey Council a number of projects such as creating the Holocaust Memorial Garden of Remembrance, creating a sculpture for the garden and has brought the Anne Frank, Kindertransport and Janusz Korzak exhibitions to Haringey. In 2011 Bruce Castle Museum hosted an exhibition of paintings by Sylvia Olipitz Gaylor (Pergosh) of some local Holocaust survivors.

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What we did in 2014

Holocaust Memorial Day 2014: Theme - Journeys

'Journeys' is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014. We focussed on the journeys of the persecuted. We also learned about the journeys that brought survivors to the UK and how, in many instances, journeys of return have been part of the experience of rebuilding.

"The Role of the Righteous Muslims"

An exhibition was held at libraries across Haringey. The exhibition ran for a fortnight at each library before moving onto the next library.

Etty: A one woman show

The show took place on Tuesday 4 February at Muswell Hill Library.

"On Tuesdays the train leaves. But no matter where you place me, I will always long for this desk"

So begins Susan Stein’s play about Etty Hillesum - before she is first deported to Westerbork and later Auschwitz.

Etty is an adaptation of the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum and was performed by Susan Stein.

Multi faith commemorative gathering

More than 100 Haringey residents commemorated Holocaust Memorial Day 2014 with a public gathering at Bruce Castle on Sunday 26 January.

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