Funding from the Council

Opportunities for voluntary sector organisations working in Haringey

Haringey Council uses a variety of sources to advertise funding opportunities across the council, which may be of interest to voluntary sector organisations. To find out more about the sources and council contracts visit the Council Contract page.

Register now with CompeteFor (external link) - this is the best way for community and voluntary sector organisations to receive information about forthcoming funding opportunities large and small available through the council. Registration is free and bidders will only have to input their data once, after which you will be able to apply for any number of opportunities. You are strongly recommended to register with this website as alerts are sent to organisations whose profiles match with new opportunities as they arise.

And there is help available from CompeteFor if you are having problems registering or if, later on, you are having problems completing applications for funding opportunities. Just dial the CompeteFor helpdesk on 0845 2177804 or complete the online feedback form (external link).

When completing your organisation profile, the important thing is to make sure you select as many ‘Business Categories’ as is relevant to your organisation. Example categories that may be relevant to your organisation include:

  • Charities and Voluntary Organisations
  • Charity Shops
  • Community Networks
  • Community Projects
  • Social Services
  • Disabilities and special needs
  • Children’s Activity Centres
  • Training Centres
  • Training Services
  • Computer Training
  • Facilities Management
  • Hospitality Services
  • Outdoor pursuit organisers
  • Schools - sports and leisure activities
  • Website design

You may also wish to contact Haringey Association of Voluntary and Community Organisations (HAVCO), as the council regularly advertises opportunities through HAVCO’s E-Voice. See our HAVCO page for more information, or visit the HAVCO website (external link).