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Haringey Leisure Centres are now managed by Fusion Lifestyle – an experienced sport and leisure management organisation in partnership with Haringey Council. As a registered charity, Fusion continually reinvests to improve sport and leisure facilities in the community.

Please note, as of Wednesday 1 May 2013 Finsbury Park Track and Gym (N4) and Finsbury Park’s tennis courts will be operated by the Finsbury Park Sports Partnership Ltd. This partnership is an entity made up of the groups and clubs that hire the facility. Read more about Finsbury Park Sports Partnership Ltd (external link) here.

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Discover Your Aspirations...

What makes you move when you exercise?

Park Road and Tottenham Green Leisure Centres are now offering you the opportunity to discover your optimum training programme with Technogym's aspiration mapping. Our Fitness Instructors can tailor your workout to more of what you enjoy doing and less of what you don't like doing, far beyond the realms of the gym environment.

This can include designing a training plan to include other activities such as exercise classes, sports, holistic and other more adventurous activities to get the most out of the time you have.

Try out the Aspirations Map now to be assessed on how you like to move and exercise by clicking on the aspiration link for your local centre, then speak to a member of our fitness team.

What Makes You Move? (External Link)

What Makes You Move? (External Link)

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Move-It Functional Training

Move-It Banner Are you bored with your current workout? Need more motivation? Not challenged by traditional gym workouts? Always find it difficult to fit in an effective workout to your busy lifestyle? Then try out the new Move-It Functional Training available at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre now!

Move-It functional training sessions are instructor led 30 minute workouts in small groups of 6 or less people. The content of the session is varied and progressive so that you are always improving on your ability and fitness but without getting bored. Functional training has been introduced in the special Move-It studio at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre and can give you that personal training help, but without the cost.

  • What is Functional Training?
    It is a type of exercise that replicates movements from everyday life while effectively training several muscle groups which can improve your balance, core stability, strength and flexibility.
  • Do I have to be very fit already to do this?
    The sessions have different variations and intensities for all the exercises, so if you are new to exercise or a fitness fanatic you can do it.
  • How long are the sessions?
    The sessions are 30 minutes long but by the end of the of the session you will feel like you have worked for an hour or more.
  • Can I have a try first?
    Yes, there are free 15 minute taster sessions throughout the week and at present you can have a free introduction to Move-It sessions, whether you are an existing member or a non-member. Once you have completed your introduction and you will get 3 free sessions to keep you going.
  • What equipment will I be using?
    Participants will be introduced to some new pieces of equipment and training techniques not available in the main gym including Vipr training, kettlebells, foam rollers, boxing work with pads and bags, speed ladders, TRX suspension training and more!

Download the Move-It leaflet (PDF, 1071KB) for more information on the taster, introduction and session times available during the week.


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