Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony

A Couple

  • Were you married abroad and would like to celebrate with friends and family here?
  • Have you been through tough times and want to celebrate the good times ahead?
  • Would you like to celebrate your Silver or Gold anniversary by renewing your commitment to each other?

Haringey Register Office is delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for you to renew your marriage vows.

Please contact us for information on 020 8489 2605 where one of our helpful staff will be happy to assist you.

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Do Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremonies have a legal status?

No. They are simply something that you may choose to do as a public gesture of love and commitment to your spouse. Unlike a Marriage Certificate, which is a compulsory legal document, the Record of the Ceremony cannot be used as proof of Identification. Nor is the ceremony legally binding for those who take part in it.

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Renewal of Marriage Vows

The Ceremony is for any married couple who wish to celebrate renewing their marriage vows in a unique and personal ceremony.

Often these occasions are associated with a special wedding anniversary, such as the tenth, twenty-fifth, fortieth etc, but the ceremony is just as appropriate for couples at any stage of marriage. It is sometimes particularly relevant to those who have been through a period which put a strain on their relationship, but who wish to celebrate their renewed commitment to each other. Many couples who get married abroad choose to renew their Marriage Vows in a special event held for family and friends on their return.

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Who are they for?

Any married couple, of any age, who have been married for any length of time can arrange a Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony. It does not matter if you do not live in the area where you want your ceremony.

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Your unique Ceremony

The Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony is as individual as the couple arranging the ceremony. The ceremony is created by the couple with the help of the Celebrant.

Take time to consider which options are appropriate and have special meaning to you. As you consider the choices and make your selections, you will be creating a unique Ceremony reflecting your commitment to one another which will be fondly remembered by you and your guests.

Special people in your lives may also take part: your children, guests who were at your wedding, friends and family. You will also need to ask two people to witness the signing of the Certificate of the event.

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What does the Ceremony contain?

Ceremony Garden

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies can contain the following sections:

  • introduction and welcome
  • acknowledgement of any children of the marriage
  • readings
  • renewal of vows
  • rededication of rings
  • giving of new rings or gifts
  • words from previous wedding guest (often best man, bridesmaid or father of the bride)
  • signing of the certificate
  • witnesses
  • closing words
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Is there a Certificate?

A souvenir certificate is signed during the ceremony by the couple and two witnesses.

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How long is the ceremony?

The renewal of Vows Ceremony is approximately 30 minutes in duration, depending on the number of options and reading chosen.

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Where can ceremonies be held?

The Civic Suite Ceremony Room

Haringey Register Office or at any of our Licensed Venues.

Can other couples renew the vows at the same time?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Every ceremony is unique, reflecting a special and personal meaning to the couple renewing their marriage vows and is therefore very individual. The purpose of the ceremony is for a couple to make their personal commitments to each other. Other family and friends can hold their own unique ceremony at the same venue, on the same day, but not at the same time.

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Can we organise a Ceremony at short notice?

Yes, providing the staff and venue are available.

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I have been married before, can I still have a ceremony?

Yes, as long as you are now legally married to the person with whom you are renewing vows.

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Please enquire at the Register Office for our current fees. Please call 020 8489 2605 or email

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Fees are payable no later than 3 months prior to the ceremony. It should be stressed that the ceremony has no legal status and you will be required to provide a marriage certificate. This must be produced when booking the ceremony.

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