The aim of this section is to help and support parents/carers choose the right childminder, and for childminders - and potential childminders -  to get the help and support they need.

Choosing a childminder

Information in this section will help parents and carers make an informed decision when choosing a childminder. It contains useful information on what childminders do, what to look for in-terms of quality and questions to ask your childminder.

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Becoming a childminder

This section provides relevant information required by those thinking about pursuing a career as a childminder. it includes information on becoming a childminder, dates, required documents and frequently asked questions:

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Newly registered childminders

This section will help newly registered childminders take the next step in their journeys. It includes information and forms that will allow childminders to advertise their business and start preparing for their pending Ofsted inspection:

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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

In this section you'll find information on the EYFS - who needs to work with it, why there is a need for it and how it helps children to learn and develop.

It also helps parents to understand what they can do at home and how they can work alongside the childminder to further support their child’s development.

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Disabled Children's Access to Childcare (DCATCH) Network

This section provides information on a group of childminders that have completed additional training which has developed and enhanced the knowledge and skill when working with children with disabilities, special/additional needs

Haringey supports the development of their childminders, who are registered, qualified childcare professionals; they provide care, stimulation, education, essential life skills and positive experiences for children,

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Contact details

  • Childminding Services & Development Coordinator 020 8489 2161
  • Business Support Officer 020 8489 2492
  • Early Years Administrator 020 8489 5386
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