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Credit Union

A Credit Union for Haringey

Haringey Council has worked in partnership with London Capital Credit Union to set up a credit union in the borough. Credit unions are financial co-operatives owned and controlled by their members. They offer savings and great value loans plus they are local, ethical and know what their members want.

The new service, previously known as Haringey, Islington and City Credit Union, is now known as London Capital Credit Union (external link) and its branding is changing to reflect that.

What is a Credit Union?

As a member of London Capital Credit Union you can now access a range of affordable financial products. As a member you will also own a share of the company and will receive a potential dividend on your investment or a rebate on interest paid on your borrowings. The objectives of the Credit Union are to:

  • promote saving
  • deal with debt
  • educate members in the wise management of their money
  • reduce poverty

How do I join?

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Haringey, Islington or the City of London can become a member of the Credit Union.  To become a member you must pay an initial fee of £5, this is your share of the company.

Please fill out the relevant membership form in the attached files section below and send to London Capital Credit Union at the following address:

  • London Capital Credit Union
    Jeremy Hopgood Rooms
    Caxton House
    129 St. John's Way
    London N19 3RQ

Attached Files

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