Helping you through tough financial times

The economic slowdown is having a significant effect on businesses and residents in Haringey.

To help you get through this difficult period, a list of useful links is displayed below on a wide range of subjects such as how to claim benefits, managing your income, coping with redundancy and finding a new job.

Personal finance, benefits and tax

Find out if you’re entitled to a financial benefit that could help to pay your household bills.

Welfare benefits and entitlements that are available to residents.

Debt advice
General information about managing debt.

Citizens Advice Bureau: Benefits in England (external link)
Information on benefits and tax credits for different groups of people.

Debt Advice Foundation (external link)
Registered charity giving free advice for people worried about debt.

DirectGov: Benefits Adviser (external link)
Answers to questions about benefits and making applications.

Energy Saving Trust (external link)
Guidance on saving money through energy efficiency.

Haringey Freecycle (external link)
Recycle your unwanted items or pick up something new for free in the Haringey area.

Haringey Timebank (external link)
Share your skills, time and passion - by giving your time you get some time back in return.

HM Revenue and Customs (external link)
Help with paying tax and claiming tax credits.

Money Advice Service Health Check

The Money Advice Service Health Check logo

Provides a free confidential financial health check (external link) which will set out what you can do in easy steps. It takes just 5-10 minutes, doesn’t involve any paperwork and your answers are confidential.

Money Saving Expert (external link)
Tips for reducing the money you spend on everything from fuel bills to supermarket shopping.

National Debtline (external link)
Help with debt relief and debt management.

Energy grants to help you with heating costs (external link)
Find out what money and other help you can get to reduce your energy costs.

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Jobs and training

Employment and personal development guidance to help you get into work or stay in work.

Jobs and training
Council vacancy details and links to employment/training websites.

Childcare and Early Years
Free, impartial and detailed information on choosing quality childcare and activities for young people.

Citizens Advice Bureau: Employment in England (external link)
Government schemes for people looking for work.

Connexions: Learning resources (external link)
A series of links to help young people make important decisions about learning and careers.

DirectGov: Redundancy (external link)
How to claim benefits and find another job if you're made redundant.

DirectGov: Jobseekers (external link)
Resource providing advice on searching for and applying for jobs.

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Help with housing payments or finding affordable accommodation.

Housing and Council Tax Benefits
Housing-related benefits and entitlements.

Citizens Advice Bureau: Mortgage Problems (external link)
Help with paying your mortgage and dealing with your mortgage lender.

DirectGov: Mortgages and repossessions (external link)
Advice on how to maintain your regular mortgage payments and avoiding having your property repossessed.

DirectGov: Working Age Benefits (external link)
Claiming for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.

GOV.UK Benefits Adviser (external link)
Find out which benefits you are entitled to, and how much you may get.

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Business support

Guides, financial support and information to help local businesses during tough economic times.

Advice and Support
List of support services for businesses both in-house and through partner organisations.

Business DebtLine (external link)
Help for businesses with debt or cashflow problems.

Business Link: Managing a business during a recession (external link)
Guide to making sure your business survives the tough economic climate.

Carbon Trust (external link)
Advice on reducing running costs through greater energy efficiency.

WRAP UK (external link)
How to save money by using sustainable practices at your workplace.

Greater London Enterprise (external link)
Details of financial packages which enable small and medium-sized enterprises to grow and prosper.

Business Link: Recruitment Advisory Service
Business Link: Support for employers making redundancies
Recruitment and redundancy information for companies and organisations.

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Leisure activities

Inexpensive activities to entertain and inspire you in Haringey.

Haringey libraries
Find your local library and borrow books, CDs and DVDs for little or no cost.

Parks and open spaces
Explore Haringey's 11 Green Flag Award-winning parks and open spaces for free.

Visitor attractions
Explore the many wonderful places to visit in Haringey, including Alexandra Palace and Bruce Castle Museum.

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Practical advice on staying healthy and well during uncertain economic times.

Health and Home Safety
Local NHS services and useful links.

Mind (external link)
Advice and help for people with mental health issues.

NHS Change 4 Life (external link)
Lifestyle changes to help maintain health and well-being.

NHS Choices (external link)
Health advice and guidance.

NHS Credit Crunch Help (external link)
Contact details and useful information for people struggling during the Credit Crunch.

Samaritans (external link)
Emotional support for people having feelings of despair or distress due to financial insecurity.

The Stress Management Society (external link)
Techniques and advice on reducing your stress levels.

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