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Renewal of an existing housing application

This page is for applicants who have received a letter advising that they are required to renew their details as part of their Housing Register Annual Review.

You will not be able to complete this form if you are not already on Haringey's Housing Register. You can make a new application to join the Register from the Housing Application page.

Each year you have to confirm the details that we hold on you are correct and the review gives you the opportunity to advise us of any changes that may have taken place.

It is important to note that the vast majority of people who apply for housing will never be successful in securing permanent social housing. This is due to the extremely high demand for housing in Haringey and a very limited supply of accommodation.

Many applicants on the Housing Register have been waiting for many years and it is important that you consider all the other options available to you. The council’s Advice and Options Team can provide advice and assistance on securing accommodation in the private sector and a variety of other options tailored specifically for you to enable you to resolve your housing problems. Please see the Advice and Options web pages before deciding whether to complete this form.

If you still wish to renew your application, you will need to complete the online form. Before completing the form, you must read the guidance below as this will help you to ensure that your application is submitted correctly. We cannot process your application unless it is fully completed and submitted.

Who should complete this form?

This form is for existing Housing Register or transfer applicants in Bands B, C, D and E, who have been advised by letter from us informing them that they must renew their application.

Some applicants will not be eligible to apply for social housing due to their immigration status. You may be asked questions about your immigration status at the beginning of the form and will not be able to complete your form if it is established that you are not eligible to apply.

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How the form works

The letter informing you that you must renew your application included your reference number and your PIN number. Note that this PIN number is not the same as your Home Connections PIN number. You will need to enter these details so that we can verify that you are renewing the correct application.

Renewal of an existing application to the council for housing can only be completed using the online renewal form. This includes renewal of transfer applications by existing council and housing association tenants.

The form will take, on average, 30-40 minutes to complete. Please answer all questions marked with an asterisk (*). This is required before you can proceed to the next question. You will be able to save the form at any point and return to it during the period specified in the renewal letter you were sent.

In order to complete the form fully, you will need the following information:

  • Information about your immigration status
  • Names and dates of birth for everyone on the application
  • National Insurance numbers for everyone over 16 years old
  • Details of everywhere you have lived in the past 5 years
    • address, with postcode
    • move in date
    • move out date
    • type of tenure (eg private rented, council property)
  • Details of any homes you have owned, including any equity received from the sale
  • Information on any mortgages you may have or had
  • Total income and savings of everyone on your application, including:
    • earnings from employment
    • welfare benefits received
    • totals savings and investments held
  • Details of any homelessness applications you have made to Haringey or to any other council
  • Details of any Anti-Social Behaviour Orders for anyone included on your application
  • Information about any services you are receiving from Social Services or other agencies (if relevant to your application) including contact details for you social worker (if you have a social worker)

We suggest that you have this information to hand when completing the form as you will need it to answer the mandatory questions and you will not be able to complete the form without this information.

You will not be able to register your interest in available properties on the Home Connections website until you renew your application.

Online help is available to assist with completion of the form. If for any reason you are unable to use the online form (eg you are visually impaired), please contact us on 020 8489 1000.

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What happens next?

If you have provided an email address we will send a summary of your application renewal to that address.

We will check the information that you have given us. We may need to contact you to ask for more information. If possible we will do this by calling you on the telephone number you have provided.

If you choose not to renew your application, your application will be cancelled.

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Renew your housing application

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Page Last Updated:

16 June 2015

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