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Time for a 20mph speed limit?

20mph Speed Limit Coming to Haringey

Why 20mph?


Traffic speeds are sometimes too fast in our residential and local shopping streets. This can stop more people walking and cycling and can increase the number and severity of accidents. While a 20mph limit will not stop accidents, research shows that there will be less accidents that are not as severe if traffic is moving at 20mph rather than 30mph or faster.

In London the Mayor is encouraging boroughs to adopt a 20mph limit policy. This has enabled us to look at limiting traffic speeds on all our roads to 20mph.

20mph zones and 20mph limits

Almost 50% of Haringey’s roads are already part of 20mph zones. 20mph zones have humps and raised tables which forces traffic to slow down. 20mph limits have signs and road markings. Speed humps or cushions would not be introduced as part of the 20mph limit.

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Previous Consultation

The council Cabinet, at its meeting of 18 June 2013, approved a borough wide consultation to find out whether Haringey residents and businesses supported a 20mph borough. Consultation and market research was undertaken between 1 August and 31 October 2013.

What we consulted on

We wanted to know what residents and business think about a possible borough-wide 20mph speed limit.

We propose introducing a 20mph speed limit on all roads that we are responsible for as the highway authority (excluding red routes for which Transport for London (TfL) is responsible).

More information, including frequently asked questions (FAQ), was set out in our original consultation document.

Consultation Responses and Result

Over 4,500 responses were received and result shows little difference between those who support a borough wide 20mph limit (42%) and those who oppose it (46%). However, this changes with a clear majority in favour of a borough wide 20mph limit (65% for and 35% against), if it is restricted to residential roads and roads with schools within the borough, but excludes roads where a 30mph limit is more appropriate.

The result of the consultation was reported to the Cabinet at its meeting of 15 July 2014 and approved for the introduction of a 20mph limit for all residential roads and in the borough’s town centres. The existing speed limit on the remaining main road network would at this stage be retained as at present.

Please view the attached files section for the summary of the consultation results and the council’s cabinet report which set out the council’s decision.

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Next Steps

Following the public consultation and market research in 2013 we now propose to undertake a statutory notification as part of the Traffic Management Order process to introduce 20mph limit in all residential streets and in town centres in the borough with exception of main roads which at this stage be remain 30mph. Watermead Way, N17 which is 40mph and ‘red routes’ managed by Transport for London will also remain as they are. Please view the map in the attached files section which shows the excluded roads.The Notice of Proposal for the Traffic Management Order has been advertised and can be viewed at our Traffic Management Order page under List of Traffic Management Orders Borough wide 20mph Speed Limit.

Please note statutory notification differs from formal consultation in that it informs of our intention to introduce 20mph speed limit rather than seeking views in favour or against the proposal. If you would like to make a representation on this proposal, please put the reference: TM/STAT20mph Limit/AC on your email, contact form or letter, and include your name and address.

Letters should be sent to:

  • Traffic Management
    River Park House
    2nd Floor North
    225 High Road
    Wood Green
    N22 8HQ

You can also email us at or complete our online feedback form:

Complete questionnaire

The closing date for receipt of views/comments is 13 February 2015.

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What will happen after we receive your comments?

Your comments will be considered and a report will be presented to the Cabinet member for due consideration and request approval to make the necessary traffic order. The council envisages to introduce the 20mph limit in Autumn 2015.

An update will be posted on this page in March 2015.

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Attached files

Cabinet Report - 18 June 2013PDF 492.07 KB
The Council’s Cabinet Report of 15 July 2014PDF 3.63 MB
Public ConsultationPDF 4.96 MB
MapPDF 8.21 MB
Research report and analysisPDF 212.02 KB

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22 January 2015

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