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Stationers Park

Mayfield Road, N8

Green Flag Award Winner since 2004

Stationers Park water feature

Built on the site of the old Stationers Park School and opened in 1987, this small Green Flag award winning 1.5 hectare Park nestles between a Victorian housed community, local school and Community Centre.

Adults and children of all ages extensively use the park whether for sport, play, organised events, picnicking or just for quiet contemplation.

Stationers Park provides a welcome oasis of greenery and makes a vital contribution to the health, education and quality of life for its immediate surrounding community.

A sense of exploration abounds as children are attracted to the magnetising power of the gushing waterfall that flows into a gentle meandering stream, containing a fascinating array of plants and wildlife. Children can experience and view these features from the nearby footpaths and bridge while their senses are stimulated by the sound of running water. Find out more about the facilities at Stationers Park in the attached files section.

The much loved Wooden Play Fort was taken down and replaced with similar, new facilities in 2011. Congratulations to the Friends of Stationers who fundraised to enable the installation of the new play equipment and will continue to do so to expand the range of play on offer.

Judges Comments

The design of Stationers Park 'radiated a warm welcome to all, with well laid-out entrances and signage. For the tranquil stream to make one feel deep in the countryside is a wonderful achievement in such a small park'.

Find out more about the Green Flag award, or read and comment on the Park's Management Plan. These can be downloaded from the attached files section below - please note the management plan document is over 2MB in size, and may take some time to download on slower internet connections.

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Community Action Plan

In 2013 Groundwork London worked with community groups to devise a Community Action Plan - CAP (PDF, 414KB) for Stationers Park.

Where local people want to get involved in helping look after their local open space, the CAP offers a way to facilitate this happening.

CAPs are relatively simple plans of the park, drawn up by Groundwork London’s landscape architects. They identify the key features of the park including the layout, the plants, trees and other vegetation, play areas as well as paths and entrances.

The CAP produced for Stationers Park includes images of which plants are in the park, details of weeds which may emerge and images to help identify them and a timeline over the year, showing which tasks need to be done when for upkeep of the park. To supplement the CAP and help make it useable by volunteers, a series of associated 'Project Sheets' (PDF, 778KB) and 'plant groups' (PDF, 679KB), have been developed. These detail different activities that volunteers can get involved with in the park to help maintain it and keep it looking its best. The project sheets support volunteering and demonstrate how all levels of involvement (from basic tasks to more complicated ones) are highly valuable in terms of the quality of the open space.

For details on how to get to Stationers Park please see our A-Z of Parks.

Attached files

Stationers Park LeafletPDF 175.14 KB
Stationers Park Management Plan 2015PDF 7.34 MB

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21 April 2015

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