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Russell Park

russell park flowersWestbury Avenue, N22
Previously known as Noel Park

Green Flag Award Winner since 2010

Improvement works

Works took place to improve Russell Park in the summer of 2009. The focus of the work was on the eastern seating area which had become very overgrown. Local people were reluctant to use this area because the walls, large shrubs and mounds were creating a visual barrier and further contributing to feelings of being unsafe for park users. Haringey committed £250,000 from its own capital resources to enable the project to go ahead.

The vast majority of the mounds were removed, along with several trees and all the brickwork to create a welcoming open area that is now very popular with local residents. The new seating are contains benches and high quality planting which attracts visitors looking for a quiet place in the park to sit and enjoy the pleasant surroundings.

Following on from this successful work, Leisure Services carried out a second phase of works in early 2010. These works concentrated on the Russell Avenue entrance through the creation of a new entrance feature and a family dog-free picnic space.

Planting was also improved throughout the park. All these improvements successfully led to the park being officially declared as being among the best in the country when it won a Green Flag in July 2010, and has retained it since.

The plans can be found in the attached files section below.

To read more about the management of Russell Park, please read the management plan found at the bottom of this page - please note the management plan document is over 2MB in size, and may take some time to download on slower internet connections.

For information about Russell Park please email or call 020 8489 1000

Attached files

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21 April 2015

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