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Summer Fun 2015: there is an extensive programme of activities running in Haringey for children and young people during the summer holidays.

Coldfall Wood Nature Trail

COldfall Wood Nature TrailThe Coldfall Wood Nature Trail has been designed for children, but can be just as fun and interesting for adults.

You can find the Coldfall Wood Nature Trail leaflet in the attached files section below.

The trail winds its way around Coldfall Wood, passing lots of interesting things along the way. When you see a numbered post, look to see what fun activity there is to do, and question to answer.

We have provided answers to the questions so you can see how well you've done, and all the pictures contained in the nature trail leaflet are available below for you to download and colour in.

Please remember that Coldfall Wood is a nature reserve. This means we manage it for nature conservation and its wilderness experience.

If it has been, or is raining the woodland will get very wet and the paths can be muddy and slippery. Good footwear such as wellies, and a raincoat are advisable.

If it is hot and sunny, a sun hat and sun block are advised as the nature trail can take a while to complete.

Alternatively if it is windy please be careful of falling branches. Overhanging dangerous branches have been removed along the nature trail but nature can be unpredictable. If it is very windy we advise you to stay out of the woodland.

Pictures to colour in

Attached files

Coldfall Wood Trail Leaflet.pdfPDF 552.16 KB
coldfall wood map.pdfPDF 570.42 KB
answers_to_nature_trail.pdfPDF 11.58 KB

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21 July 2015

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