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Coldfall Wood

Creighton Avenue, N10

Green Flag Award Winner since 2009

Coldfall wood welcome sign
Coldfall Wood is a fascinating area of ancient woodland covering 14 hectares on the western edge of the borough and is a Green Flag award winner.

The wood has historically been managed through coppicing, where trees are felled and new growth from the stump is then harvested on a rotation of around every 15 to 20 years. The number of years between each cut depended upon what the wood was needed for ie firewood or broom handles.

The tradition of coppicing at Coldfall Wood has recently been revived through small scale felling in the 1990s and more recently with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Capital Woodlands Project. However instead of using the cut trees for fire wood or to make products it has been left to decay naturally. The dead wood is an important part of what makes woodland healthy. It makes great homes for beetles and other insects and fungi. These provide food for woodland creatures like birds and hedgehogs.

Another advantage of coppicing is that it allows in light for wildflowers and other plants, attracting butterflies and other animals. An additional 150 plant species have been recorded since coppicing in November 2006.

In addition to coppicing the Capital Woodlands Project have helped fund new bridges, benches and the creation of a reed bed to help filter stream water to treat pollution. The Coldfall Wood nature trail for school children has been created so that they can discover the wildlife in this wonderful woodland, and children from Coldfall Primary School regularly litter pick in the Wood.

Haringey Council is committed to the sustainable management of its woodlands and has achieved forest certification at Coldfall Wood under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS). UKWAS sets out management standards for woodland owners and managers and is accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council.

For details on how to get to Coldfall Wood please see our A-Z of Parks. To find out more about Coldfall Wood is managed please read its management plan that can be found in the attached files section below - please note the management plan document is over 2 MB in size and may take some time to download on slower internet connections.

Attached files

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Coldfall Wood Management Plan 2012.pdfPDF 2.15 MB

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21 April 2015

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