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Role of a school governor

As a school governor, you’ll be part of a team.

You’ll agree the school’s budget, covering everything from computers to chemistry benches.

You’ll decide on the key issues, which will help teachers to raise standards and to shape the future of the school.

You don’t need qualifications, just the desire to make a difference and a couple of spare evenings a month.

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A good governing body is vital to a school’s success

But have you ever thought why?

  • governors make key decisions like appointing the head teacher.
  • governors’ decisions directly affect the education and well-being of children.
  • governors can really make a difference in improving standards throughout a school.
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Who is eligible to be a governor?

Anybody over 18, with a few exceptions.

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What will I get out of being a governor?

  • The knowledge that you have played a part in improving children’s education and supported the school’s staff.
  • A chance to develop new skills and to practice existing ones, such as chairing meetings, speaking in groups, asking questions, making suggestions and appointing staff.
  • A chance to help other members of the team, perhaps because they are new, are not used to committee work or need help in learning about the school and about school governance.
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How to apply

To make an electronic application for school governorship please download the application form from the attached files section below.

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Further Information

Governors from varied professions

Governors Support and Training Unit
First Floor, 48 Station Road,
Wood Green
N22 7TY

Tel 020 8489 5029 / 5030 / 8352/5074
Web Please see the useful external links below for the Haringey Governors support and training unit website.

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3 November 2014

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