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Children's Social Care

We need Foster Carers and Adopters!
See our adopting a child and fostering a child pages for details.

We provide a child-centred service, ensuring children and young people in Haringey are:

  • safe
  • protected from neglect and abuse
  • secure in their family arrangements
  • supported to achieve improved life chances.

Our target group is young people and children, namely children in need.

Priority is given to children looked after by the council and those in need of safeguarding from harm.

We work in partnership with key agencies to achieve improved delivery of cohesive services.

Children and Families is part of the Children and Young People’s Service

Our services include:

Contact us:
Adoption Team:020 8489 4610
Fostering Team:020 8489 3754

Page Last Updated:

17 November 2014

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