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Selling to the Council

Note - any current procurement opportunities available can be found on the Council Contracts page.

Selling to the Council

Haringey Council delivers a vast range of services to its communities, and therefore buys a variety of goods, services, works and utilities. Consequently, contracts are established for use across the council using a system of category management, where procured services and products are grouped into market segments.

Michael Wood, Head of Procurement

Market Segments

To find out what products and services the council uses, and which category they are classified under, along with the relevant contact details, click on the market segments listed below.

You can then also view the Contracts Register to see any contracts that may be renewed and may therefore provide procurement opportunities. For contact details, please see the individual market segment page.

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Procurement Strategy 2010-2013

The council's Procurement Strategy sets out the process by which the council obtains the goods, works and services it requires to provide services to the community. This can range from the purchase of stationery used by in-house teams to long term contracts for the delivery of front-line services direct to the community. The council's Procurement Strategy was ratified by Cabinet in September 2010.

The Procurement Strategy is available to download from the attached files section below.

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The Legal Framework

1. When procuring, officers must work within a strict framework of legislation and processes, which includes:

  • European Union Public Procurement Directives and associated case law.
  • National legislation, such as the UK Local Government Acts 1999 and 2000.
  • Council Contract Standing Orders, which are part of Haringey Council’s Constitution.

2. Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)

According to EU legislation, certain contracts (commodities and so called ‘Part A’ services) from the public sector, which are valued above a certain threshold, must be published in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

3. How businesses can find out about procurement opportunities

Under European legislation, public sector organisations must advertise tendering opportunities for certain high value contracts in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Advertisements for these tendering opportunities are also normally placed in the local press and relevant, specialist publications.

There is no legal obligation for councils to advertise tendering opportunities for lower value contracts. The government's Best Value framework means, however, that it is good practice to place such ads.

The public sector is increasingly recognising that this lack of information is problematic for businesses. The Council Contracts page is an attempt to address this.

We use a web-based Electronic Tendering (e-Tendering) System for some of our procurements. You can find more information about this system on the Council Contracts page.

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Attached files

Haringey Council Procurement Strategy 2010-2013PDF 1.92 MB

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30 March 2015

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