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Health and Safety at Work

What we do

We are responsible for ensuring that certain businesses provide a safe working environment for employees, members of the public and contractors. The enforcement of health and safety at work is divided between the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a central government agency, and local authorities.

The HSE are responsible for:

  • factories
  • manufacturing industries
  • construction
  • demolition sites
  • council buildings
  • other public buildings

The Council is responsible for:

The council’s food safety group enforces health and safety in food businesses, except food manufacturers. For more information on food safety please look at the Food Health and Safety page.

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What we deal with:


The premises for which we are responsible (see above) must be registered with our Health and Safety team. You can register a premises for health and safety at work online. When you have filled out the form, you will need to print it out and return it to us (address in the contact us section)

Alternatively, if you would like us to send you a form, please contact us in the Health and Safety team.

Certain types of premises will also need to be licensed. You can find more information about this on our Food business page.


We inspect high and medium risk premises or processes. Each premises is risk-assessed and depending on the assessment, an inspection programme is devised, whereby high-risk premises are inspected more frequently.

The risks that are assessed include:

  • size of the business,
  • machinery and equipment used
  • the attitude of managers/owners towards health and safety
  • access by members of the public

Fire safety at work is the responsibility of the fire authority: the London Fire Brigade. We will inform the fire authority of any fire precautions or issues noted on site during an inspection.

For more information about fire safety at work, please visit the London Fire Brigade website (see the external links section below).

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Accident Investigations

We carry out investigations into accidents that have occurred at a workplace, including situations where members of the public have been taken to hospital or sought medical advice as a result of an accident at a shop or workplace.


We investigate complaints relating to health and safety at those premises for which we are responsible.

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Health and Safety Information/Advice

Our experienced and dedicated officers offer free health and safety information and advice to businesses, employees and members of the public to assist them in providing a safer and healthier work environment, employees and business.

We use educational techniques as well as enforcement to achieve compliance with Health and Safety regulations.

We also work with Planning and Building Control officers to advise on the health and safety implications of new developments.

For advice on working in hot environments and during periods of hot weather please see the 'Work in hot weather and hot environments' document in the attached files section below.

Prohibition Notices

If premises are found to be unsafe after a visit, or investigation by an officer, the business could be served with:

  • a Prohibition Notice: to stop dangerous activities.
  • an Improvement Notice or letter: detailing contraventions or bad practices found at the time of inspection.
  • verbal advice: for minor contraventions.

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As a last resort, or as a consequence of an accident investigation where serious failings by the business were found, the health and safety team may commence legal proceedings against the company, individuals or both.

If businesses have been prosecuted for Health and Safety breaches, the details will be available on the Health and Safety Executive's Public Register of Convictions website (see the external links section below).

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Health & Safety Team
Level 6 - Alexandra House
10 Station Road  
Wood Green
N22 7TR

Tel 020 8489 1335

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Page Last Updated:

23 July 2015

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