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Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)

Pension Board Applications

There is a vacancy to represent employees and pensioners on the newly established Haringey Pension Board, whose role is to monitor the fund's standards of governance. Full details and an application form are available below with the board's Terms of Reference. Closing date for applications is Friday 5 June 2015.

Information about the Local Government Pension Scheme which was amended on 1 April 2008. It is for Haringey Council employees and ex-employees.

Useful documents

LGPS newsletters/updates

What is the Local Government Pension Scheme?

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a valuable part of the pay and reward package for employees working in local government or working for other employers participating in the scheme, and for some councillors.

Membership is normally automatic for most employees under age 75, employed on a contract for three months or more. Check your pay slip to see if you are paying in and if not, contact the Pensions Team to see if you can join.

What the LGPS offers

  • The LGPS is a Final Salary Pension Scheme providing a secure pension, payable for life.
  • Your employer pays whatever amount is necessary to ensure that your benefits are properly funded. On average this is 2/3rds of the cost.

Membership and cost

  • Automatic membership for all employees contracted for three months or more. Opt out election allowed.
  • Banded contributions based on whole-time rates of pay. Most people enjoy tax efficient savings and lower national insurance contributions while contributing to the LGPS. Read the online guide on the LGPS website for more information (see the external links section below).

Retirement benefits

  • Pension build up based on 1/60th of pay for each year of membership after 1 April 2008. Pre 1 April 2008 membership continues to provide benefits of 1/80th pension and 3/80ths lump sum.
  • Option to convert part of your pension to a tax-free cash lump sum payment on your retirement
  • Normal retirement age 65.
  • Ill-health retirement based on three tiers related to the member’s capability to undertake gainful employment before age 65.
  • Minimum early retirement age is 55 for new employees from 1 April 2008, and for all employees by 30 March 2010 (see your Employer’s Discretionary Policy Statement for more details).

Life cover and survivor benefits

  • Death in Service Lump Sum of three times pay.
  • Death on pension guarantee of ten year’s pension payments.
  • Death Grant for a deferred pensioner of five year’s pension payments.
  • Survivor pensions for spouses, civil registration partners and nominated cohabiting partners.

Optional extras

  • Active members will be able to buy extra pension in multiples of £250 up to a maximum of £5,000
  • In-house Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC) scheme

Qualifying conditions for a co-habiting partner’s survivors pension

A survivor’s pension will only be paid to a co-habiting partner if the co-habiting partner satisfies Haringey Council that the required conditions have been met for a continuous period of at least 2 years immediately prior to the member’s death.

The required conditions are:

  • both the member and their co-habiting partner were free to marry each other or to enter into a civil partnership with each other, and
  • the member and their co-habiting partner have been living together as if they were husband and wife, or civil partners, and
  • neither the member or their co-habiting partner have been living with someone else as if they were husband and wife or civil partners, and
  • either the co-habiting partner is financially dependent on the member or they are financially interdependent on each other

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Policy Statements and Reports

Policy statements and reports can be found in the attached files section below.


Statements, Policies and Annual reports


How to find out more

For more information please contact the Pensions Team, or visit the LGPS online guide (see the external links section below).

Haringey Council staff can log on to the intranet and go to: HR > Pay/Pension and Benefits > Pensions.

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1 September 2015

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