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Refuse collection lookup test

Test page for the Veolia refuse collection lookup (using CIS)

Help using My Haringey

Finding your property

We recommend you type in the full postcode of the property and then pick your address from the list of matching addresses. Alternatively, you can enter your street name, but you’ll need to type in the whole word. 

For example, if you want to find an address in Lordship Lane, typing in ‘Lord’ won’t return the right results. Instead you’ll need to type in ‘Lordship’.

If your address isn’t in the drop-down list of matching addresses look out for a ‘show more results’ link and click on that.


Shining the spotlight on what it means to be a part of London’s greatest borough 

From micro-breweries, creative industries and cutting-edge culture, to award-winning parks, Premier League football and schools that are top of class – we know that Haringey is home to the best the capital has to offer. 

I Am Haringey celebrates what it means to belong to Haringey – ambitious; innovative; diverse; unified, and authentic. 

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